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Code Rush
with Jay & Rob

Episode 15: Clients sliding into your DMs, cap units, Arc Search, Herd Pro, stylable switches, overflow:hidden is dead

Clients sliding into your DMS, the new Cap unit, use and misuse of uppercase text, Arc Search, Herd Pro, the switch property and controlling its aesthetics, setting PWA categories, overflow:clip and contain:paint, form-sizing, CSS Generators,, a warning about evergreen browsers, kanban boards in Apple Reminders, Eagle app and Screen Studio.

Time Jump Links

  • Introduction and excuses
  • Clients sliding into your DMs
  • Jay is away from home a lot
  • A use-case for pseudo-content as text
  • Cap unit
  • The use and misuse of uppercase text
  • Arc Search
  • Dune: Part Two
  • Herd Pro
  • Safari 17.4 and the switch control
  • Overflow:clip
  • Field sizing
  • CSS generators
  • Evergreen browsers
  • Kanban view in Reminders and the quality of Apple’s apps
  • Eagle app
  • Screen Studio

Links Talked about in the Show