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Code Rush
with Jay & Rob

Episode 13: Christmas 2023, hanging punctuation, light & dark, Figma & Adobe, and GitHub Copilot as a useful AI

In our very first Christmas episode, Jay makes fun of Dutch again when English clearly lacks a very important word; Rob shares updates regarding his password manager changes and doesn’t like big blobs of light. Tailwind gets :has(), Figma get a cool $1B, and something’s up with Chrome dev relations. We chat about the most recent news in CSS, and Jay shares his experiences with GitHub Copilot.

Time Jump Links

  • Merry Christmas
  • A year in review
  • QR codes and security
  • Apple stolen device protection
  • Hanging punctuation
  • Light and dark mode
  • Vanilla CSS Peak
  • align-content
  • Baseline
  • light-dark() function
  • TailwindCSS v3.4
  • Nicole Sullivan left Google for Apple
  • Figma and Adobe
  • 2FA and Passkeys in Craft CMS
  • Safari 17.2
  • GitHub Copilot and AI

Links Talked about in the Show