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Code Rush
with Jay & Rob

Episode 14: Em vs ch, pseudo alt text, animating summary/details, mechanical keyboards, repeating gradients

Three minutes of Indiana Jones chat followed by ems vs ch units—we know how to bring in the New Year! Webkit has introduced alt text for pseudo-elements. The summary/details element may soon be animatable. Jay documents his journey into the world of mechanical keyboards. We debate CSS grid strategy. Sketch/Figma debate. We ponder the maybe little-known art of repeating gradients in CSS.

Time Jump Links

  • Introduction and Indy
  • Em vs ch units
  • Native switch element in Safari
  • Microsoft adding a Copilot key
  • Alt text in pseudo content
  • Details/summary animations
  • Ethical web principles
  • Jay on mechanical keyboards
  • Preferred MacBook resolution
  • CSS grid
  • Sketch and Figma
  • Repeating gradients

Links Talked about in the Show