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Code Rush
with Jay & Rob

Episode 10: From freelance back to full-time employment, with Ross Wintle. Duck Duck Go, Safari and CSS nesting news

After freelancing for ten years, Ross now works for WPEngine. He joins us to chat about his journey between the freelance and corporate worlds and the empowering revelation that everyone is creative. In the news, HTML introduces a brand-new search element, and CSS nesting is relaxing their requirement for ampersands—said in a Dutch/French accent. We also chat about positivity in our community.

Time Jump Links

  • Introduction
  • Search engines
  • Age gate
  • Google privacy sandbox
  • New HTML search element
  • Responsive design mode in Safari
  • Spat chat
  • & in nesting
  • Ross Wintle
  • From freelancing to employment
  • You are creative

Links Talked about in the Show