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Code Rush
with Jay & Rob

Episode 11: Laravel Precognition, Canvas, PostCSS stages, hipster animation, Safari goes scroll-driven, Passkeys & 1Password

Fireworks and popping beers. In this very first in-person recording, Rob gets flagged for proper pronunciation again. Jay has gathered more coffee knowledge. Rob doesn’t spit out his wine when tasting. Last but not least, from the comfort of a fire stove, we laugh over vicar jokes and cover Laravel Precognition, Canvas, PostCSS, (scroll-driven) animations in various guises, Passkeys and 1Password.

Time Jump Links

  • Introduction
  • Laravel precognition
  • Canvas
  • PostCSS
  • Coffee and water
  • Hipster animation
  • Scroll-driven animations
  • Scroll-driven animation ranges
  • Passkeys and 1Password
  • Text balance
  • Responsive video

Links Talked about in the Show