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Code Rush
with Jay & Rob

Episode 9: Age gate indexing, opening links in new tabs, stealing design, CSS subgrid, Google’s privacy sandbox

Jay has an interesting time implementing Age Gate with search engines. We chat about the launch of our new Code Rush website, including decisions on opening links in new tabs, and designing á la Olivia Rodrigo—a world-famous pop star, for those that don’t know. Subgrid is upon us, and so is Google’s “Privacy Sandbox” which has garnered much debate amongst the web community.

Time Jump Links

  • Introduction
  • Finishing projects
  • Our Code Rush website
  • Age Gate and search engines
  • Opening links in new tabs
  • Masking in CSS
  • Re-designing vs Re-aligning
  • Copyworking and music/Olivia Rodrigo
  • Subgrid
  • Google’s Privacy Sandbox

Links Talked about in the Show