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Code Rush
with Jay & Rob

Episode 2: View transitions, the dangers and benefits of picking a small CMS, and is Safari really “evergreen”?

Jay got a new King, and Rob’s kids sold stuff on a blanket to celebrate the birthday of his King(?!). We tinker with the idea of “View Transitions”, the web’s answer to soft-loading content—similar to the behaviour of iOS and Android apps. Is it ready for traditional websites? We weigh up Content Management Systems and close off by discussing if Safari is indeed an Evergreen Browser.

Time Jump Links

  • Kings and side projects
  • What are “View Transitions?”
  • Rob’s hesitation about View Transitions
  • Jay’s thoughts on trying View Transitions
  • View Transitions and SPAs vs MPAs
  • The dangers of picking a small CMS
  • What about picking a bigger CMS’?
  • The benefits of picking a small CMS
  • Is Safari an evergreen browser?

Links Talked about in the Show