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Code Rush
with Jay & Rob

Episode 1: Scroll timeline, scroll snap and jacking, Alpine components, vanilla CSS, Tailwind, and communities

In our pilot episode, Rob and Jay introduce themselves before diving into Scroll-timeline and the desire for native scroll triggering, along with aversions to scroll snap and jacking. We lament the vanilla CSS / Tailwind community divide—with Jay and Rob shaking hands across the fence—before discussing misconceptions about Tailwind, plus its application of some of the newer vanilla CSS like :has().

Time Jump Links

  • Who are we and why Code Rush?
  • Scroll animation timeline
  • Scroll snap and manipulating the scrolling experience
  • How scrolljacking—even native—comes with massive caveats and Jay has drawn a line in the sand with this
  • Alpine, modals, and accessibility
  • A more instant workflow when writing vanilla CSS
  • Tailwind and community problems
  • Tailwind UI
  • :has() Logic in Tailwind

Links Talked about in the Show