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Code Rush
with Jay & Rob

Episode 7: Privacy and ethics with Dave Smyth, social media burnout, outsourcing, freelancing pricing, and tracking

Dave Smyth is a designer and developer interested in privacy and ethics. He joins us for this episode. Jay tries his best to lighten the tone with the latest web news, including some browser vendor signals on scroll-driven animation, Safari goodies in iOS17 Beta, and the status of CSS nesting. Rob and Dave get heavy with privacy, ethics, AI, and considerations on ChatGPT.

Time Jump Links

  • Introduction with Dave Smyth
  • Social media and mental health
  • CSS nesting in Firefox
  • Spat Chat on modern CSS
  • Custom easing in CSS
  • Profiles coming to Safari
  • Feedback from Bramus van Damme
  • AI access for clients
  • Dave on shifting to design work and outsourcing development
  • Dave on pricing and freelancing
  • Dave on ethical development

Links Talked about in the Show